Cosmetic Teeth Whitening


We are very confident in our products , so if we cannot make your teeth brighter, nobody else can.

Using on the best Beauty Hub Sydney Cosmetic Teeth White Products.


Our one off in chair advanced triple treatment is the most effective and safest whitening procedure available, this is done in 1 hour. Using the most effective and powerful system. We can guarantee an instant result in 1 single procedure. In the space of your lunch break; we can restore your top and bottom front surface of teeth up to 14 shades brighter.

Are you ready to give your teeth the healthy treat it needs after years of staining?

Give your teeth a transformation today and book now. 

How long does it lasts?

This depends entirely on each individual, normally the results can last for years and depends on whether you smoke and consume staining agents. Periodic touch up treatments can be taken over time to time for clients that frequently have staining foods or drinks. Think of it like a white coat, it can stay forever white if you want it to.


How much does it cost? 

Single $149

Mobile service is also available.