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BbGlow is a revolutionary semi-permanent makeup solution that can help enhance your glow and boost the nutrients in your skin!

BbGlow is an innovative semi-permanent makeup treatment that uses microneedle technology to deposit tinted pigment into the skin. Not only does this improve your complexion and enhance facial features, but the added nutrients help stimulate collagen production for a long lasting radiant glow!

Transform your skin and recharge your inner glow with our BbGlow treatment. Experience the difference today - we guarantee you won't be disappointed! 

How long does it last ?

With a BbGlow treatment, you'll not only gain smooth and radiant skin but enjoy the effects of improved complexion that can last up to four months! And what's even better? The safe procedure requires no pain or downtime. So say goodbye to dull skin without ruining your routine - it's as simple as that!

How many sessions of BbGlow would I need and how long does the procedure take?

BbGlow is perfect for those who want their skin to look flawless with little effort! This 1-hour treatment will give you instant results and can become even more effective after 3 sessions, spaced one week apart. To ensure that your glow stays radiant, maintenance treatments every 4-5 months are recommended.

What's my BbGlow aftercare? 

After a BbGlow Facial, you don't have to worry about taking time off. To ensure the smoothest transition back into your routine though, forego hot baths and saunas for a few days post-treatment, as well as strenuous workouts or makeup application during that 24 hour period after treatment. Also be sure to keep exposure from direct sunlight limited within those first couple of days following. For best results in preserving this facial glowup? Go easy on cleansers with harsh soap formulas and exfoliants!

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