The BHS Essentials Gift Set

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Looking for that perfect gift ? We have the perfect trio for you!

BHS DIY Home kit 

Boost your confidence and enjoy brighter, whiter teeth with our BHS Teeth Whitening Kit. Simple, safe, vegan and cruelty free this is the most effective teeth whitening home kit you will ever use at home. See results after just one use! GUARANTEED! 

Our kits uses clinically proven ingredients to whiten your teeth up to 10 shades lighter.  We guarantee you will get immediate results. 

Our teeth whitening kits are ideal for shorter wear times, to achieve your maximum, whitest smile in only one treatment. Every BHS kit contains everything you need to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home, when you choose.

Say goodbye to yellow teeth, and hello to a brighter white smile and that boost of confidence. 

Our revolutionary, proprietary formula includes clinically proven ingredients that guarantee you will achieve a brighter smile, safely and without any sensitivity. Our BHS teeth whitening gels includes desensitising ingredients to eliminate any sensitivity.


BHS lash serum 

BHS Lash Growth Serum contains a variety of natural plant extracts  which could effectively help your eyelashes grow longer and thicker and generally you will see a change in 20 days. 


BHS Sonic Cleansing Brush 


With 2 cleansing zones and 7 adjustable intensities, you will have a fresh and even-looking complexion regardless of your skin type. Fine silicone touchpoints on the front side care for sensitive to normal skin, while thicker touchpoints along the top deliver precision cleansing in the T-zone. On the back, broad silicone bristles specialize in cleansing oilier skin.

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