Gernetic Flower Acid Cell Renewal Concentrate


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Flower Acid enhances natural desquamation of dead cells without uncomfortable redness or flaking. It improves cellular renewal and promotes hydration.

Key Ingredients

A 6% concentration of citric, malic and tartaric acids from frangipani, freesia, hibiscus and lily. Increases the activity of extra corneocyte enzymes, accelerating the natural desquamation process. Improves cellular renewal and hydration.



Flower Acid increases the activity of extra- corneocyte enzymes, which accelerates the natural desquamation process.
It improves cellular renewal, promotes hydration and revitalization.
Flower Acid leaves the skin soft, smooth and supple with a more luminous complexion.

Skin Conditions

Suitable for any skins that are free of irritation, inflammation or dermatitis.
Avoid using it on the eye area.

Home Use

Once a week until the bottle ends

Remove make-up and thoroughly clean the skin using Glyco and Fibro.

Spray Flower Acid 10 to 12 times and gently pat into the skin.

Leave for 5 minutes, do not rinse off and then apply the other Gernétic products, specially Synchro or Cytobi.

Avoid Mito Special Plus and Immuno the same day.


Made in France