Gernetic Démaquillant Douceur Gentle Cleansing Emulsion


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Démaquillant Douceur achieves a deep cleansing of the skin leaving it fresh with comfort.

Key Ingredients:

Soft tensio-active agents in micellar emulsion.

Gentle cleansing action.

Lime blossom

Soothing and anti-inflammatory.


Calms and soothes redness and skin irritations.


Revitalizing, tonic and stimulating.

Witch hazel

Rich in astringent tannins and flavonoids. Flavonoids or bioflavonoids are referred to as Vitamin P because of the effect they have on the permeability of vascular capillaries. Decongesting and anti-bacterial.

Reduces skin’s discomfort.


Refreshing and decongesting.


Démaquillant Douceur cleans the skin deeply and is calming, regenerating and toning.
It refreshes the skin, brings comfort and tones.
It prepares the skin to receive Gernétic specific creams.


Skin Conditions

Younger customers of all skin types.
Ideal to remove make-up around the eyes and to refresh the skin in the morning.

Home Use

Morning & Evening

Démaquillant Douceur can be sprayed on the skin and then removed using cotton pads or soft tissues and then rinse with lukewarm water. Alternatively, it can be smoothed over with dampened cotton pads and rinse with lukewarm water.


Made in France