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Each skin is unique and must be nourished in a specific way

Your skin is an extremely complex organ, the largest of the human body.

It protects your body from any external aggression.
It is made up of several cell layers criss-crossed with blood vessels and nerves.
In constant adaptation and evolution, your skin satisfies many immunological functions.
It’s high time to take care of it.


Active ingredients obtained from Biotechnology are used in all Gernétic products to treat skin conditions that affect the face, the bust, the body and the scalp from the simplest to the most complex ones.

The skin is a reflection of the body’s inner state and Gernétic’s unique method is to address
the internal deficiencies in order to alleviate or eliminate the visual problems.

Vital nutritional molecules such as amino acids, peptides, vitamins and trace elements in physiologically measured proportions can be transferred through the skin to enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the skin and body.

Labo.Ger.S method is based on 3 main concepts: 

To use high-tech processes to enrich the

formulation of our products with increasingly active naturally source substances.
• To develop their synergy, making them up to 
10 times more efficient.
• To guarantee flawless quality by testing and 
controlling all our products before, during and after their production.

Gernétic products have been deliberately designed for an easy application in your salon and at your clients’ home.

Gernétic products have been distributed in Australia since 1989 and are used in 49 leading countries.